Cheer Leaders

A former Houston Texans cheerleader has sued both the team and the manager of the cheerleading squad, referencing a failure to provide minimum overtime and wage pay and accusing the cheer squad director of body shaming tactics and failing to act on complaints that cheerleaders were physically assaulted by fans, according to David Barron of the Houston Chronicle. Per that report, the former cheerleaderidentified only as trying to make the lawsuit a class action suit that would include any Texans cheerleader over the past 3 years who experienced any comparable alleged mistreatment by the team and the cheer director, Altovise Gary.

A bigger part of the story involves the manner in which they were treated and the manner in which they were attempting to change conditions at work, Houston attorney Bruse Loyd said. These young women want to see a change.”. The cheerleader in this lawsuit said she was paid $7.25 per hour, but was never paid overtime despite being expected to be on call 24\/7. She accused Gary of firing other cheerleaders who sought to improve working conditions, among other complaints. The lawsuit alleges the Texans violated the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and the Texas Labor Code. Texans VP of communications Amy Palcic said in a statement: We’re proud of the cheerleader program and had hundreds of women participated and enjoy their experience while making a positive impact in the local community.

We’re continuously evaluating our procedures and will continue to make the necessary changes to make the program enjoyable for everyone.”. The lawsuit is the most recent example of National Football League cheerleaders alleging mistreatment or exploitation by National Football League teams. Five Washington cheerleaders told Juliet Macur of the The New York Times they were required to do a photo shoot either topless or in body paint in front of a number of male sponsors and FedExField suite owners in Costa Rica in 2013. They were also reportedly told to function as escorts to many of the men on a trip to a nightclub. In Apr, former Miami Dolphins cheerleader Kristan Ware filed a complaint against the team and National Football League, alleging she was discriminated against because of her gender and religion, per John Branch of the The NY Times. And former New Orleans Saints cheerleader Bailey Davis filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission after she was fired for violating the team’s social network policy for cheerleaders, which greatly differed from the policy for Saints players.

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