Flower Shops in Dubai: What Makes a Good Florist

Thinking about starting your own flower shop? Having flowers as your business is very rewarding especially when you think of the many flower shops in Dubai and how they are able to make many customers happy in different occasions or events. Whether it is a birthday party, anniversary, or even corporate events or a simple gesture of appreciation, giving flowers seem to be one of the best options even now.

But unfortunately, having your own flower shop is not that all easy. In reality, it is just like any other business where if you are the owner, you have to do many things in order to keep your business running. For example, if you are planning to have your own flower shop, you can’t just have a traditional flower shop where people go to to buy their flowers. Today, you have to use the internet in doing business. So most serious flower shops like Mercury Flowers¬†already have their own website where people can order customized flower bouquets instantly. You also have to think about convenience of service so that means offering such services like same-day flower delivery or even advance orders of special or hard-to-find flowers.

Overall, it boils down to your ability to become a good business person and also an artist because running a flower shop is a combination of business acumen and creativity when it comes to choosing and arranging flowers. Here are a few more pointers that you have to consider when it comes to running your own flower shop or if you want to become a good florist:

  1. Do not be afraid to break the rules – this means that as a creative person, you know the basics of flower arrangement but you also don’t stop there. You have to know how to go beyond those basic guidelines in flower arrangement so you can create unique bouquets for your customers. The more unique ideas and arrangements you have, the more chances you have of attracting customers to your shop or online store and the more sales you can actually end up getting.
  2. Be business minded – as a florist, you have to think about creative designs, but if you are also the owner of your shop, you also have to consider how to keep your business afloat. So that means having a business mind and thinking of ways how to present your business in such a way that it offers various advantages to your customers. For example, you can offer promos online for certain flowers to up sell them. Or you can keep track of special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother Day, etc. where people are most likely to buy flowers and then offer discounts on your arrangements during these special holidays or occasions. In other words, you always have to be updated with the latest techniques in selling even if you are a florist.
  3. Connect and Know Your Customers – being a florist is not a job that you do only in your shop. If you really want to be a good florist, you have to also know and connect with your customers by making sure you remember their faces, chat a little about their chosen bouquet, and make them feel that you care about them getting the freshest flowers and great service all the time.